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CableJive – iStubz & DockStubz

When I got my iPhone4s I almost immediately purchased an OtterBox Defender¬†which is a great case for someone like me (I love the iPhone but its metal glass smooth surface had me worry I was going to drop or ding it sooner or later). So I was pretty happy with the case until I tried to dock the iPhone into a set of speakers I had also received when I purchased the phone… the dock didn’t fit!

My iPhone4s in an OtterBox

The issue I was having was that the Defender was so bulky that it did not allow the iPhone4s to sit deep enough into the speaker dock to get a clean connection with Apple’s 30-pin connector. Something had to be done (I did not want to have to return the case, nor the speakers I had just purchased).

So I contacted OtterBox and inquired as to if anyone else was having this problem and what kind of solution they could recommend. Soon enough I got a reply and was told to check out as they had numerous extender cables. After a quick look on the site I found the aptly named dockstubz, pictured below.

DockStubz from CableJive

So I order it online from their store, after a few days in transit it arrived and just like the product showed it worked perfectly and now I can dock my iPhone to my speakers.

I will note 1 thing, as this is an extender cable some docks without backing (usually when the iPad or iPhone is at the top of the device) will put a serious amount of torque on the 30-pin connection; although the construction seems solid it is plastic and I would be concerned about damaging the dock with too much use.

Also on a whim I purchased along with the dockstubz a pair of istubz…


These are the shortest cables I have seen for iOS devices anywhere, they are very inexpensive and I use mine for basically plugging my iPhone (i could do it with the iPad as well, but it’s battery last longer than the iPhone4s) into my laptop. I don’t need a long cable and it can sit beside the computer where I can keep an eye on it for incoming texts, phone calls, and tweets.

The istubz come in two colours, black & white and two different lengths 7cm and 22cm. I went for the 7cm as shown in the above photo.

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