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Transcend 16GB Class 10 SD Memory Card

Currently I’m using Transcends in my GH2 for video as I need fast write speeds now that with the Hack (Driftwood’s Aquamotion 88Mbps) I’m writing a huge amount of data. So far I own two of these cards for about 40 minutes of video so that a writing rate of about 13.5MB per second of [...]

iroda Micro-Jet

I picked this up at Canadian Tire on the advice of a Astrophotography friend, when we are out in the cold of a winter’s night sometimes this can freeze up. And this little handle butane iroda micro-jet is super handy at reheating things. This Micro-Jet is extremely effect and the flame does get hot and [...]

Fotasy Nikon to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter

Given that I’m a Nikon Photo Shooter I have a lot of money sunk into Nikon F-mount glass (Nikkors and Tokinas). So when I Purchased my GH2 I only got the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake with it. This left me very limited in what I could shoot until I received my Nikon F-Mount to Micro [...]

Manfrotto Table Tripod

Ever have it where¬† you just want to set-up a shot where your camera is situated on a table or other surface for a macro shot of a penny? I know I have. And often a problem is that you don’t want to hand-hold it at the same time all your tripods are too big [...]

CableJive – iStubz & DockStubz

When I got my iPhone4s I almost immediately purchased an OtterBox Defender which is a great case for someone like me (I love the iPhone but its metal glass smooth surface had me worry I was going to drop or ding it sooner or later). So I was pretty happy with the case until I tried [...]

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