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Fotasy Nikon to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter

Given that I’m a Nikon Photo Shooter I have a lot of money sunk into Nikon F-mount glass (Nikkors and Tokinas). So when I Purchased my GH2 I only got the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake with it. This left me very limited in what I could shoot until I received my Nikon F-Mount to Micro Four Thirds adapter.

Now I scoured the web for reviews on third-party adapters and a lot of good and bad reviews for each one. There are two brands however that seem to prevail, Fotodiox and its less expensive cousin Fotasy from Rainbow Imaging.

Given that I hadn’t order from either of these companies before I went the eBay route picking up the Fotasy adapter shown here. I went with the “(G)” version as it has a little level on the side to manually control the aperture of Nikon’s G lenses, the lenses with an aperture ring. Both sides of the adapter ‘click’ when mounted so there is no wiggle room in the lens, and it does allow you to focus to infinity with your Nikon lenses.

As you can see here after I got used to the fact that Nikon lenses mount clockwise and Micro Four Third Lens mount Counter Clockwise I was good to go with Nikkor lenses on my Panasonic Lumix GH2.

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