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Gear Bag

Gear Bag is a list of items I current use and represents my favorite items. Each piece of gear has a short description and a link to the full review on the site (no link – it hasn’t been reviewed yet but I’ll get too it!).

So, without further a do:

My Gear Bag

The Bag(s):

Current a Trekker Mini Backpack from Lowepro for my day to day camera carrying needs and a larger Tamrac Pro12 shoulder bag (shown above) when I need to lug a lot of gear.

The Cameras:

Limux GH2 – My lastest camera acquisition the GH2 is a surprising great Video Camera for its price (around $1000 when I bought it). With the addition of the hacks it now easily matches camera in video quality (with enough lighting due to its smaller sensor) of cameras costing several times more.

Nikon D90 – This is my event photography camera, it works with all my Nikkor & Tokina glass (lenses) and its quick focus & shutter at my command I can get those quick shots easily. Also the automatic and auto-no-flash settings are extremely useful at locations which constantly changing lighting conditions.

GoPro Hero HD – No one camera is perfect for ever job. And as great as there are places neither the GH2 nor the D90 can safely go (water being a main hazard). Although I’m hoping to get a Hero2 sooner or later the GoPro is an excellent ‘crash cam’ that can get you angles that add tonnes of production value at minimal cost.

The Lenses/Glass:

Having picked Nikon from the on-set of going digital with the D80 DSLR I have a wide selection of Nikon Glass (Branded Nikkor), I also managed to pick up a pair of Tokina’s for fast professional f2.8 speed.

I also have the GH2, with it I got the Lumix 20mm f1.7 pancake (40mm equivalent on a full frame camera). This lens is a bit pricier than I would of liked but I find it extremely versatile for a prime, well worth the money of your often shooting in less than ideal lighting.

Fotasy Adapter – from my photography I have a lot of Nikon Glass, and given that Nikon is a bit behind on the video curve I use the glass on the GH2 with this adapter.

It’s a pretty inexpensive route to go with an adapter and some old inexpensive Nikkors (Nikon Brand of Lenses). Although there is a significant loss in function of the lens (auto-focus, electronic change of aperture, etc) but the improved image quality (IQ) and cash in your pocket is well worth it.

Photo Lighting:

Nikon Speedlights – SB800/SB600 – Generally I just use speed lights from Nikon, the CLS system is very good and I have yet to find something that matches it that doesn’t include the “wizards” in the brand name, and those are $250 a pop just for the triggers. If your shooting Nikon getting an speed light (SB900,SB910,SB700 are the current models) you can’t go wrong.

Video Lighting:

LumaHawk 312as – A basic light panel with a neat feature, adjustable light intensity and colour! I find this to be super useful but remember to get the “as” version as the a version doesn’t have the same feature set.


Rode NTG-2 – A basic shotgun mic that can use either Phantom Power or an AA battery. Although with Rode’s recent foray into VideoMics the NTG-2′s days as my on-camera mic are numbered.

Zoom H4N – Questionably the best “indie” filmmaker’s on-set sound studio, this baby has it all dual XLR/Phono inputs, on-board stereo microphones and save all your music digitally to an SD card. There are also plenty of useful tools for bands such as digital amps for guitar players etc, but as I’m still learning guitar I just use it as a basic amp with headphones so I don’t disturb the neighbors.

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