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iroda Micro-Jet

I picked this up at Canadian Tire on the advice of a Astrophotography friend, when we are out in the cold of a winter’s night sometimes this can freeze up. And this little handle butane iroda micro-jet is super handy at reheating things.

This Micro-Jet is extremely effect and the flame does get hot and glows blue (it also burns, so be extremely careful!). It has a nice safety feature of the pull back and down starter. Although this does make it a bit more difficult to use; you can do it one handed with big hands but using both is better. You can also buy iroda butane refills, they are not expensive and I suspect are simply repackaged safely lighters. The photo below shows the blue core of the flame, although the heat does reach several centimeters in length (they claim the max is 1300C!).

Caution Cool Blue Flame is Hot!

Clearly this has many applications, such as starting camp fires and stoves, melting ice out of frozen locks, the uses are endless.

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