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Manfrotto Table Tripod

Ever have it where¬† you just want to set-up a shot where your camera is situated on a table or other surface for a macro shot of a penny? I know I have. And often a problem is that you don’t want to hand-hold it at the same time all your tripods are too big and bulky to maneuver.

In comes the table tripod, the one I’m reviewing today is a Manfrotto model which I got for my dad for Christmas a few years ago. Priced around $60 it is one of the more expensive table tripods around, but when you consider most are in the $20-35 range spending a bit more to get Manfrotto quality is a good call (especially with the mini ball-heads which I often find are low quality and prone to premature wear and become loose over time).

Generally the table top tripod is perfect for P&S cameras however I wanted to test how stable and well constructed it was. So I packed on as much weight (biggest camera and lens I had at the time – circa 2007) and set-up a shot. Now to be honest the camera positioning does not have a lot of give before the whole set-up would topple to one side or the other but it is stable and you could use your hands to hold it steady as you went to take that picture of the penny!

Now you can buy these at B&H however I’m noticing that the model has changed somewhat and the extender bar isn’t part of the current model (and its a nice to have with this set-up). So I recommend you may want to consider getting it used if you want something like what I got for my dad.


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