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Reviews on this website represent my honest opinion whether I paid for a product myself, got it at a discount or received monetary compensation. Links from this site could also be affiliated (I get paid when you click on it or buy something from the resulting website) or paid for by product suppliers; however again I would not link to a site which I deem not suitable for visitors to this site nor link to websites that are not legitimate; if you find such a link please email me (using the email link at the bottom of the page) and I will address the offending link as soon as possible.

In addition the reviews represent my opinion and experiences, yours may be different and reviews/posts/pages could contain errors or omissions and I’m not liable for any harm or purchasing decision that is generated from this site; so buyers beware.


I’m always on the prowl for new gear to review, so if you have something I may be interested drop me a line; with a few provisos of course:

1. Please understand all reviews will be honest and contain my true opinions.

If a review is deemed negative, I will contact you with all the relevant information and give you the option of whether or not it gets published.

2. Products suppliers are responsible for all shipping costs, brokerage fees, and taxes. No exceptions!

3. Unless specifically requested otherwise, I reserve the right to include affiliate links to the products in the review posts; links to your Brand Website and social media as well.

4. Product sent for review must be related to the niche of this blog, which is Photography & Videography related gear.

Unless you want to give me a car… I’ll make an exception for that.

5. I WILL NOT accept prewritten review content; reviewing something myself is the fun part!

If the 5 rules above are acceptable then please email me to arrange a review at

Note: Travel Related Photography review requests should be routed to (although a similar review will likely pop up here too).

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