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I made (well remade) this site to post my reviews on photography/videography gear. A lot of it will be on gear I use and will endeavor to keep my Gear Bag (Equipment I own and use) up to date as I go along.

So thanks for checking out my site, but why ever listen to me?

This Self-Portrait was Lit Solely with my iPad

I dunno :shrug: but I have over 20 years of amateur and serious hobbyist photography under my belt starting in (slide) film with a Pentax K1000 and switched over to digital with a 2.0MP Hewlett Packer point and shoot. I soon made the leap to DSLR with the Nikon D80, and this is when things got serious, I put over 40,000 shutter clicks on that before upgrading to the latest and greatest at that time.

Finally DSLR started to become video cameras as well I made the transition to movies as well. I’ve been heavily involved in filmmaking recently and you can see some of my latest works at Check It Out Films.

So although I would not run around claiming to be a professional shooter (I’ll claim to be Blog Media however) I generally sit at the level of most consumers, avid hobbyist who knows there way around a camera, a studio, or set and can from time to time produce some seriously good pictures.

Thanks for visiting!

My Personal Product Reviews